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Thailand Housing

DDproperty.com is the leading Thailand Property website - the best place to start your real estate search whether you are an investor, buying for own use, or looking for a place to rent. In DDproperty, you can find thousands of properties for sale and rent with detailed information about each property, including maps and photos.

DDproperty.com brings customers the most comprehensive selection in the market - the most popular condominiums, apartments, serviced apartments, houses and commercial property. Thailand has a dynamic property market and ddproperty can bring customers the most complete and up-to-date for sale listings to help customers make investment decision. 

You may find it difficult to scrape the housing data from ddproperty.com due to persistent roadblocks like captchas or bot detections. Some people might choose to scrpae the data with webdrivers such as selenium/puppeteer/playwright etc. But as we have pointed out many times, using headless or non-headless browsers can cause 10-100 times more web traffic generated to the website, and also the headless or non-headless browser eats a lot of cpu and memory of your computer, which will significantly compromise the data extraction efficiency. 

At barkingdata, we know exactly what needs to be done to greatly improve this workflow. We provide the best service to avoid getting blocked, or proxy failures while trying to crawl housing data from ddproperty.com. And most importantly, compared to the headless/non-headless browsers approach , our crawlers save 50-90% web traffic and at the same of course, automatically saving you more cost!


Below is a list of available data feilds for ddproperty:



Sample Value

Property ID

Unique   property ID



Property name

CHATEAU IN   TOWN พระราม 8


Property   Address

ถนน พระราม 4, Bang Bon,   Bangkok


State code




Bang Bon


Postal code









Sale price

2890000.00 THB

Property Type

Type of the   property


Year Built

Property built   year


Bathroom   Number

Bathroom   count


Bedroom   Number

Bedroom count


Living Space

Living space   in square meter

30 sqm

Land Space

Land space in   square meter

112 sqm

Broker Name

Broker name

ปริณวัชญณ์ คณะภัควรรษณ์

Broker Phone

Broker phone   number


Is Furnished

Property   furnished or not


Is Premium

Property is   paid listing or not


Property Url

Property url

Scan Date

Data scanned   data


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