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US College Courese & TextBooks Data

US College Courese & TextBooks Data

In this section, we are just making some sample data driven analysis with our web mining and web scraping technology. With such data harvesting capabilities in place, we are able to scrape and build millions of datasets for our customers's diversified use cases...

In this short article we are briefly dicussing the US college Courses and associated Textbooks used by each course.

The Courses and Textbooks data is extracted with our AI powered web mining technology. We extracted over 200,000 courses from 40+ American universities for Spring and Fall semesters of 2022. Also we scraped the textbooks for the 200,000+ courses, the volume of the textbooks data is about 1 million.

The textbooks data contains about 20 attributes, here for illustration purpose, let's show some key attributes:


What can you do with the courses and textbooks dataset?

By scraping the college  courses and textbooks data, you can eaisly analyze the course arrangement of a university's deparment. The distinct number of deparments covered by the dataset is over 11000 for the 40+ universities. The distinct number of courses covered by this dataset is 16,8000+. You can get access to how each department of the university setsup their course arrangement. 

Also there is textbook information for each courses, so there a lot more you can dig into from the textbooks data. You can easily get access to which textbook is or are used by a particular course. You can also easily compare if the same course from two different schools are using the same textbook materials or not. What's more, you can also easily identify which textbooks are the most widely used. 

Contact us if you are interested in buidling a similar courses and textbooks dataset.

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