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Use Search Engine SERP to Analyze Petfood Competitions of Online Advertising

In this case blog, we are going to illustrate how we use search engine search results tracking technology to reveal the competiton on Product Listings Ads on Google from a selected list of home food related companies such as chewy, wayfair, overstock etc. All the google search engine results data are collected via our AI based web mining technology. Our AI based web mining technology is a technology that combines web analysis, web data crawling/scraping with artifical intelligence ,  data parsing and cleanning etc; the entire data collection process is executed by our AI powered intelligent system. Read more about our AI based web mining technology.

Please note that, there is a lot more you can leverage Google SERP (search engine results page) to help your research or explore new methodologies/ideas for your research. This blog should give you some ideas as a point of reference. Also please be aware that the most challenging part will be scraping data from Google. 

First, let’s sample a list of keywords related to pet food,

dog food
blue buffalo
blue buffalo dog food
cat food
dog crate
pet supplies
taste of the wild
dr foster and smith
cat tree
dog crates
frontline plus
dog toys
dog tags
pet food
purina pro plan
pet store
shock collars
diamond dog food
dog shock collar
hills science diet
revolution for cats
dog gate
dog gates
best cat food
natural balance
frontline plus for dogs
cat toys
science diet dog food
doggie diapers
dog costumes
heartgard for dogs
cat tower
dog training collars
dog diapers
hills dog food
iams dog food
k9 advantix
wellness dog food
hills prescription diet
pedigree dog food
large dog crate
glucosamine for dogs

Enter these keywords on google.com (note one keyword only for each search), let’s say we enter dog food on google and hit search, you will find the PLA ads on the search result page:


Now lets’ grab each PLA and extract the advertiser’s name—let’s name it as domain, for example, Chewy.com, Pureluxe Pet Food.com , Cat Person.com …

also let’s save the domains into database.

Let’s do the same steps for all the keywords and in the database, we will have accumulated a good number of PLA data.

Let’s load the raw data to excel and make a pivot table, and then we can eaily plot a chart to clearly understand the competitiveness between these pet food sellers.

This dataset can be used by petfood comapnies to understand who is competeing with them , it can also be used by financial analyst to track retail company’s advertising spends 

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